thank you for this journey with me.

Like snow.

Another Journey experience, so soon? Yes! I felt encouraged to find a new player and start mentoring. Today would be the day.

—Except not, soon I would be meeting with another white robe. But I didn’t regret one moment of my journey.

Meeting each other early on, we quickly became close and chatty. Despite being a white robe myself, I could easily tell they were more experienced than me, so I chose to be the follower. We easily gathered each available symbol, playing in the desert, singing to each other as we hopped into the air, intertwined. It was very exciting. I followed along in each movement to see new places, chirping excitedly whenever my companion revealed something new.

At one point, they stilled. Chirping at me from where they stood, they remained by a hill of sand. I wanted to go ahead, but leaving them behind… It was barely a moment when I decided to go back. I didn’t hesitate this time. Instead, we traveled around, wasting time. As if waiting for another journeyer to join us, but we eventually continued on. It would just be us two, it seemed. And that is perfectly alright.

It was a very long experience, much longer than the usual hour, taking our time and poking at every corner we could manage into. Eventually we made it into the snow, marching along as we approached the flying creatures, hurriedly hiding. But it was calm. Easy. We were experienced.

But then we were spotted.

I panicked, running ahead and chirping at them to run. It was dumb, I knew no matter what we would get hurt. But as I ran and looked back, I saw my companion stand there. They were being aimed at, not me. They were hit. In my panic, I chirped and quickly ran over to see if they would be alright. They responded, as if saying “I’m alright, I’m alright.” They hurried along, as if disappointed. All this time, losing part of their scarf now.

It’s when we made it to safety that I decided to turn back. I started to turn, seeing them follow. Abruptly stopping, I turned and chirped to say “no, you stay here.” They stayed.

I’m not sure whether they knew why I was going back where the creatures flew, I would be easily caught. That was the point. Seeing my companion recover, I felt instantly guilty seeing their scarf shorter than mine. I could read disappointment in their movements.

So, I went back and headed directly into the spotlight. I waited, the beam turning red. Looking back to my companion, I chirped “It’s alright.”

I was hit.

It was a blur for a moment, picking myself back up and rushing back to my friend. They chirped, chatting, uncertain whether they asked if I was alright or “why did you do that?” I just knew it wasn’t fair to them, so I would share the same scarf. Their pain is my pain.

We continued on, leaving the event behind us.

Roughing through the blizzard, we kept ourselves close and chirped until it was just an aching silence. We knew what was coming. Reaching the highest point, we sang and danced like before. I lost my companion at one point, standing in the snow and calling them. I was really afraid. Maybe I would be alone again.

There was a distance chirp. I followed it, reuniting with them in the final stretch of snow. They waited for me! Upon landing, they excitedly hopped and chirped, chirped, and chirped. I did the same in celebration. Running into the clearing, we drew hearts to each other, as I was very happy they felt the same.

So, we walked into the light. Happy pair making it through our journey, but truthfully happy in the end.

/end gushy journey feelings again

Thanks for playing with me, ilivetowrite!


This was my second Journey for the entirety of the game, but I was easily determined to gain my white robes. I’ve already watched a friend play a number of times, so I knew where to go for everything little thing, even though it cost a few companions I met along the way. They seemed a little puzzled when I would chirp with them a bit and go running off. I felt bad, as I really wanted the company, but I had something to do.

I gained my robes. I instantly felt excited to help along other new travelers. But I felt… still pretty bummed about ditching everyone else. My first experience was a bitter one. I lost the few companions I had along the way, not purposely, but completely by accident. My walk in the final stretch was a lonely one.

So, I decided to go finish my second journey with high hopes of a better end. I noticed I blended well into the snow, and my chirps were quieter. Maybe I wouldn’t find anyone? Maybe someone would pass by, not noticing me? But I kept going, chirping along the way like singing. It was oddly quiet at times, lonely to the point I played with the creatures along the way.

I saw someone sitting in the snow!

I instantly chirped and quickly moved to them, hopping around for their attention. They stood up and returned the greeting happily. I thought it was snow, but they had the same white robes! We chirped and immediately went along side by side, renewed energy and determined to finish. We stayed together in the rough snow, chirping encouragement every step of the way. Or was it chatter? Eventually we made it to the blizzard, keeping our selves close and chirping on and on, until just a weak whisper.

Now for the end? Very fun. I was determined to keep track of my companion along the entire way up, fearing I would lose them as before. We kept together, chirping with excitement. Landing in that final stretch of snow, we chirped excitedly (really, really excitedly. we were clearly both bashing the button.) and hopped around in celebration. I drew them a heart, which I’m unsure they saw, but nevertheless it was fun playing around. It was stalling.

Finally, we walked together for the final stretch. There wasn’t a moment of silence, but a melody of chirps every step along the way. I finished my journey with a good friend. I was happy.


Thank you playing with me, comb2000.



I was born for this.